Full-time customer concept

What do you expect from a good property company?

Comprehensive services, competent advice and cooperation based on partnership?

We offer more: More service, more advice, more customer proximity!

After all, real estate is our passion. That's why we are enthusiastic, committed and competent in our day-to-day work. We have developed our Gutbier full-time customer concept for you. And give you what has become a valuable commodity today: time. Time is the central success factor for a unique customer relationship. Our two Gutbier business divisions, sales and rental, have internalised this.

We will find the right solution

We take our time and do everything to satisfy our customers. For us this means first of all to fully understand your requirements and wishes. Only then do we develop an individual strategy together with you and take care of the solution. You can sit back and relax. What sounds so simple is no coincidence, but the result of intensive work and decades of experience in the real estate market. A good basis for creating sustainable value for the future.

We look after you for a lifetime

We look after you for a lifetime
For us, a customer is a matter close to our heart and always close to our customers. We always keep you up to date, work completely transparent and comprehensible. You are also welcome to benefit from our comprehensive Gutbier information system, which regularly informs you about important changes in legislation and deadlines, for example. 

Another important part of our Gutbier Full-Time customer concept is to make the right decisions at the right time. This requires know-how and ... time.

... time we take to look after you and your property the best way possible. If you want, as long as  lifetime.

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